Evans Brewing 'ChocōLatté' Chocolate Porter

Evans Brewing 'ChocōLatté' Chocolate Porter. 6.8% abv. 15.5 IBU. Black in color. Finger of foamy mocha head. Good retention, good lace. Head falls gradually to a decent collar. Nose of ground coffee, dark chocolate, roasted dark malt. Aroma of espresso comes forward with the temp change.

Front taste of bittersweet cocoa, day-old black coffee, mildly tart plum. Aftertaste of distant raisin, flat dark fruit, dark grape skin, dry finish. Medium body. Mouthfeel is warm, tangy, carby.

This is a good enough porter that merely adequately delivers on its promise of coffee and chocolate. Coffee is in the nose from the start, but only calls attention after the beer warms up a bit, and even that does not come across as fresh or bright. 

From the brewery:

"Chocolate explosion! The chocolate mines supply us with the necessary ingredients to make this ale. Miners use sticks of dynamite to blow chunks of chocolate into rail cars heading straight to the brewery. We mine the most chocolate and espresso flavor from select grains to produce a massive chocolate flavor that rolls over the tongue into a gentle finish with a hint of espresso. ChocōLatté aims to please those with a cocoa addiction."
[source: evansbrewco.com]