Esteban Carreras '211' Sixty

Esteban Carreras 211 Sixty cigar 1
Esteban Carreras '211' Sixty. 6x60. Medium brown wrap. Good build with straight lines and well smoothed veins and edges. Cut and lit well. Punch cut today. Medium-easy draw pre- and post-light.  

First third tastes of bright herbal spice, white pepper, mild tobacco. Second third is raw almond, botanical, slightly bitter herbal on the exhale. Final third is walnut, cured leaf, allspice. Ash is marbled well, chunky, flaky, denoting a cut leaf fill. Ash held over an inch well. Burn was uneven at the foot, evened out in the first third, wandered slightly off-course again passing the midpoint.

This is a fine smoke, middle of the road between its brethren, the 5150 (a mild, balanced smoke that I loved) and the 187 (nearly too harsh for me). It's a mild cigar with bright spice notes, a flat white pepper expression, and nutty tones going into the second half. I smoked it at a leisurely pace and the pepper was present throughout without becoming too bitter or otherwise harsh. It was enjoyable all across while still maintaining that spice bouquet, a balance many mild spice cigars fail to achieve. Good stuff. Well recommended.

From the company:

“211. A light to medium cigar with hints of toasted almond and a touch of white pepper spice. The De Florado wrapper keeps the flavor consistent from start to finish.”

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