Villiger 'La Capitana' Robusto

Villiger La Capitana Robusto cigar 1
Villiger 'La Capitana' Robusto. 4.75x52. Medium brown wrap. Decent construction with straight lines, some prominent veins and ends. Footer tapers to a box press. Cut well. Light took a few extra rounds but roasted well once lit.

First half tastes of bright herbal spice, earthy tones on fresh leaf. Second half tastes of leather, light wood, almond. Slight bitter finish toward the band. Full body. Aroma is roasted hard wood. Ash was light gray, chunky, flaky. Burn was uneven in the first half, evening out mid point.

This is a nice bright session smoke, strong for its shade with plenty of spice and fresh tobacco taste. The build quality was not pristine but worthy with a decent burn. Far from world class, but still a nice 45-minute smoke that has some nice quality. Mildly recommended.

From the company:

"Oh captain, my captain. The Villiger legacy can be traced all the way back to 1888, and even in present day the company is family owned and operated. La Capitana is hand-rolled with perfection, while keeping great focus on quality. La Capitana features a luscious dark chocolate colored Habano-seed Colorado wrapper overtop a bold mix of Nicaraguan long-fillers. Notes of spice and citrus with a slight hint of chocolate are present in good measure, and the overall flavor experience is bold and eventful. This Nicaraguan puro is powerful and memorable, much like the mighty sea. Set sail to flavor town and enjoy smooth sailing from here on out."

Villiger La Capitana Robusto cigar 2

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