Mikkeller 'Vanilla Sky' IPA

Mikkeller Vanilla Sky IPA 1
Mikkeller 'Vanilla Sky' IPA brewed with Vanilla Beans. 7% abv. Light honey color. Hazy. Two fingers of white foamy head. Excellent retention and lace. Nose of vanilla, light malt, floral hops. Sweet bread emerges as the temp rises. 

Front taste of light fruit, bitter citrus rind, vanilla. Aftertaste is bitter citrus hops, botanical, vanilla on the sustain. Light body. Mouthfeel is warm, tangy, pungent, juicy in the aftertaste.

This is a good IPA with a slight variation that I suspect would be missed by occasional beer drinkers. The vanilla aroma and taste is surely there at the start, but as the temp rises it becomes nearly hidden under the bushel of strong citrus hops. 

If you want the promised vanilla, it's yours to smell and taste promptly after the pour. Just know that minutes later the vanilla will be barely distinguishable. Good news is, when the vanilla drops off, you are still left with a decently good category IPA, one with bright juicy bitter citrus flavor. Recommended. 

From the brewery:

"India Pale Ale brewed with vanilla beans. Brewed at D’Proef in Belgium."

[source: mikkeller.dk]

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