Cheap Bastard Corona

Cheap Bastard Corona Cigar 1
Cheap Bastard Corona. 5.5x42. Good build with straight lines and smoothed veins. Medium brown wrap with scattered dark shades. Cut and lit well. Cigar came pre-punched but I cut it wider at the shoulder. Smooth draw pre- and post-light. Lightweight, loose fill.

First half tastes of mild leaf, light wood, earthy. Second half includes mild herbal spice, thin leather, walnut on the back end. Flavor was pleasant down to the band with no harsh bitter tastes. Slight oil feel on the wrap. Ash was clean, holding over an inch. Burn was mostly even throughout with a few corrections needed.

This is a nice little cheap cigar, often the cheapest in the shop. It has a very easy draw, mostly due to its very light fill, with plenty of mild flavors throughout. None of the flavors sing, but there are enough to keep the smoke interesting. This stick comes from a cigar shop, but is priced like a gas station stogie. Not a great smoke, but worthy for its price point. Recommended.

From the company:

"If ever there was a time for a good inexpensive cigar to come's now. Cheap Bastard Cigars to the rescue. 100% hand made Dominican Republic cigars rolled in the traditional Cuban Sandwich style. With a silky Sumatra or Maduro outer wrapper and a special blending of three select tobaccos of medium and long filler, the Cheap Bastard Cigar delivers a mild to medium smoke with lot's of flavor, smoothness, even burn and great aroma that is not only easy on the palate, but most importantly... easy on your wallet."

Cheap Bastard Corona Cigar 2

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