Alec Bradley 'Sanctum' Gordo

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Alec Bradley 'Sanctum' Gordo. 6x60. Excellent build with straight lines, smooth leaf ends, subdued veins. Medium brown wrap. Cut and lit very well. Medium draw pre- and post-light. 

First third tastes of leather, earthy spice, nutmeg, walnut, mild pepper. Creamy from the start. Round, spiced sustain with each puff. Second third continues from the first, with added roasted leaf, woods, dark herbal. Final third is smooth mild tobacco, balanced herb, some pepper, yet still creamy and rich.

Ash is clean and dense, well marbled with light gray shades. Holds two+ inches tight. Burn was even throughout with no issues and little maintenance on my part. Mouthfeel was creamy, soft smoke, rich.

This is an outstanding cigar, a great big smoke with expertly crafted balance throughout. The herbal spice is all over this stick but always underneath, supporting roasted leaf and smooth wood tones. The taste and feel is creamy and rich end to end, and the flavor profile is always pleasure as it changes. 

This is one of those cigars that does not have a "turning point." It was excellent every moment. I smoked it down to under two inches and it was a pleasure to the last puff. That's especially impressive considering the large size of the cigar. Strongly recommended.

Special thanks to for providing this cigar. They say you make a friend for life when you give someone a cigar, and you are indeed a friend to

From the company:

"Our new introduction! The Costa Rican binder has great body, while the Colombian tobaccos add to the great aroma. Combine these tobaccos with those from select regions in Honduras and Nicaragua, and you’ll savor a four country blend that is as complex as it is unique."

"The Alec Bradley Sanctum series will delight cigar aficionados with an amazingly broad spectrum of flavors and a bold, yet balanced character. Built around a blend of luxurious tobaccos from four different nations, the Alec Bradley Sanctum Gordo is at once lively, satisfying and composed. Don't miss out on this tasty jewel! 

The Alec Bradley Sanctum Gordo is a thick 6.0" x 60 cigar that is loaded with plush filler tobaccos from Colombia, Honduras and Nicaragua. A hearty Costa Rican binder leaf and a tantalizing Honduran Corojo wrapper leaf complete the plump stick to deliver a velvety hour or so excursion. 

Once the Alec Bradley Sanctum Gordo flares to life, wood, earth and spice notes ease out of a beautifully formed draw. Bursts of pepper kick up the tempo, while hints of nuts, cream and dried fruit add complexity to the medium-to-full bodied experience that finishes with a memorably rich encore. 

The Alec Bradley Sanctum Gordo is as gratifying as they come and should be in the regular rotation for anyone who likes voluptuously delicious cigars that are neither harsh nor pretentious. Available in boxes of 20 big sticks, the Alec Bradley Sanctum Gordo will prove a scrumptiously ideal after dinner smoke."

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