Arturo Fuente 'Exquisito' Maduro

Arturo Fuente Exquisitos Maduro 1
Arturo Fuente 'Exquisito' Maduro. 4.5x33. Cut and lit well. Easy-medium draw pre- and post-light. Good build with mostly straight lines and some pronounced veins. Appearance is similar to a cheroot.

First half tastes of scorched leaf, dark herbal, bright earthy spice on the exhale. Second half is round, nutty, hard wood tones, peppery back end. Ash is mix of lights and darks, holding a bit over an inch. Even burn all across. 

This is a great little cigarillo, a half-hour Maduro with plenty of dark roasty herb and spice flavors. Lately, this has been one of my go-to smokes during lunch when I have about 30 minutes to relax. Nice easy draw throughout, mild filler taste with a rich, maduro wrap. Very good. I can imagine always having a bundle of these on hand. Well recommended.

From the company:

"Made from the same tobacco as Hemingways and 8-5-8, this cigar has great taste and aroma. It has a medium filler and a Maduro wrapper. It is a small cigar for those times when you only have time for a quick smoke, but still want that unbeatable Fuente flavor."

Arturo Fuente Exquisitos Maduro 2

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