Schönramer 'Gold' Fest Beer

Schönramer Gold Fest Beer 1
Schönramer 'Gold' Fest Beer. 6% abv. Pale yellow-gold color. Clear. Bubbly white head that disappeared alarmingly fast. Nearly flat in a minute. Poor retention, little lace. Nose of vegetal grain, sweet corn. Front taste of pale malt, light corn syrup, mild greens on the back. Aftertaste is mild bitter herbal hops, botanical, canned corn. Light body. Mouthfeel is warm, thin, watery, resin at the end.

This is a barely adequate beer, a cheap adjunct lager created for mass consumption rather than savoring. I imagine you are meant to knock back a few of these in one sitting to best appreciate it. There is no head or lace. The aroma is canned cooked vegetables. The body is water thin. The taste is more of the same with some sweet corn-ish malt.

In looking for something good to say, I can tell you that there are no off flavors, nothing that will make you crinkle your nose in disgust and promptly put the glass down. It's drinkable, which is not high praise, but it's a modicum of comfort considering I just spent 15 minutes with it. Avoid this one.

From the brewery:

"Deceptively pale in color, Gold possesses a full-bodies assertive character, brewed for all festive occasions by the Private Landbrauerei Schönram."
[source: bottle]

Schönramer Gold Fest Beer 2

Schönramer Gold Fest Beer 3
Beer was flat in less than a minute.

Schönramer Gold Fest Beer 4
Got some more head off the second pour. Didn't last long.

Schönramer Gold Fest Beer 5

Schönramer Gold Fest Beer 6