Villiger 'Cuéllar Connecticut Kreme' Toro Gordo

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Villiger 'Cuéllar Connecticut Krēmē  Toro Gordo. 6x54. Good build, smooth veins, straight lines. Light brown wrap. Good cut and light. Medium draw pre-light, easier post-light.

First half tastes of light toasted wood, earthy spice, medium mild leaf. Second half tastes of herbal leaf, slight pepper notes. Rich aroma, creamy taste, flat herbal expression. Dense pack to the band that never compromises the draw. Ash is well marbled, holding two inches. Burn is even from end to end.

This is a fine cigar, well crafted, with nice mild tobacco taste and light herbal notes. It prides itself on being creamy, and indeed it is once you are near the midpoint. For my taste, a creamy cigar starts as such rather than build to it. Still, this was a pleasurable hour session that I would try again. Recommended.

From the company:

“Named after Diego Velazquez de Cuellar, the Spanish conquistador who visited the new world with the crew of Christopher Columbus’s second voyage in 1493. Villiger Cigars North America has developed a luxurious brand Cuellar, the name is a tribute to the historic explorer. Cuellar combined the complex 1998 Cuban seed criollo from Jose ‘Jochi’ Blanco’s private farm in Jacagua Domician Republic. The cigar is blended with only the best Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper in order to make it a fabulously silky smooth to create a creamy smoking experience. Jochi Blano has inspired the creation of many top-notch premium cigars and has won impressive awards. He has created a stellar success with the creation of our new Cuellar cigar. This mellow smoke is absolutely exceptional and perfect for the everyday smoker. The flavors will invite you along on our voyage to taste perfection, discovery, and the creativity of our heritage and rich history with aged tobaccos.”
[source: promo]

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