CAO 'Concert' Roadie Robusto

CAO Concert Roadie Robusto 1
CAO 'Concert' Roadie Robusto. 5.5x54. Nice build with smooth veins and ends. Medium brown wrap, scattered darker shades. Cut and lit well. Easy draw pre- and post-light. First half tastes of dark wood, earthy spice, rich roasty leaf. Second half tastes of walnut, black pepper, green leaf on the sustain.

Ash is mostly clean, striped well, holds nearly two inches. Burn was even throughout. Flavor maintained to the band.

This is a very nice smoke, finely crafted and balanced well. The flavor profile includes wood and leaf notes bound in mild leather and spice. It's an easy going cigar with just enough bite to keep me from calling it mild. An excellent afternoon session. Well recommended.

From the company:

"Raise your lighter to a CAO Concert and you’ll realize that even though harmony is great for music, it’s even better for cigars. Launched in 2012 as a tribute to our roots in Nashville, aka Music City, Concert features a blend of diverse, spicy tobaccos that delivers a perfectly balanced flavor. It has become an instant hit among discriminating cigar fans for both its taste and packaging, including a unique amplifier-inspired box and cigar-pick shaped band."

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