Tioga-Sequoia 'Firefall Red' American Red Ale

Tioga Sequoia Firefall American Red Ale 1
Tioga-Sequoia Brewing 'Firefall Red' American Red Ale. 5.2% abv. 20 IBU. Red-orange color. Two fingers of ivory foamy head. Superb retention and lace. Nose of amber malt, light herbal, round grain. Front taste of mellow bitter berry, brown sugar, smooth bitter fruity hops. Aftertaste is balance of bitter fruity and herbal hops, finishes dry. Medium body. Mouthfeel is cool, dry, clingy.

This is an excellent red ale, expertly crafted and firmly within category. There are few flavors here but they strike well, with a nice bitter balance and a round taste of light fruity and herbs. The wrangling of the hop bill makes for a refreshing easy beer without sacrificing flavor.

Red and Amber ales are often overlooked in our modern craft beer world of extreme IPAs, barrel aged behemoths, and imperial everything. What we have here is a simple red that nails a bullseye and is better than most in its category. If that remotely sounds good to you, seek out this brew. Wonderful beer. Very well recommended.

From the brewery:

"For a few weeks in February in the heart of Yosemite National Park, if conditions are just right, the setting sun sets the Horsetail Fall ablaze with reds and oranges; like a fire falling down the cliffs of El Capitan. Photographers and park visitors gather from all over just to grab a glimpse of this natural phenomenon. Our American Red Ale features a bright malt profile with a crisp and refreshing hop balance. The texture from malt and blend of Columbus and Crystal hops complement each other perfectly creating a balanced red ale that anyone can enjoy."
[source: tiogasequoia.com]

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