Sandude Brewing ‘Sandude Double’ American IPA

Sandude Brewing American Double IPA 1
Sandude Brewing ‘Sandude Double’ American IPA. 8% abv. 105 IBU. Orange-copper color with two fingers of white foamy head. Outstanding retention and good lace. Nose of fruity hops, sweet citrus, mild flowers. Front taste of abundant bitter floral hops, bittersweet grapefruit peel, light malt, bready sustain. Aftertaste is bright citrus, bitter floral hops, dry finish. Medium body. Mouthfeel is warm, carby, tangy, astringent on the back.

This is an excellent DIPA, one that chooses the bitter hoppy taste of most IPAs over the malt forward taste of most doubles. To be clear, only the body and abv suggest that this is a double. It simply tastes like a very good category IPA despite what the bottle or recipe may reveal. It's certainly well-crafted with tall flavors of citrus rind and bushels of floral hops. I would surely drink this again. Recommended.

From the brewery:

“Burst of 6 hops, moderate bodied and bitterness, citric and floral tones finish.”

Sandude Brewing American Double IPA 2

Sandude Brewing American Double IPA 3

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