Wexford Irish Style Créme Ale

Wexford Irish Style Créme Ale. 5% abv. Amber-copper color with two fingers of dense white foamy head, the kind that often comes from nitro cans. Superb retention and outstanding lace. Nose of sweet corn, light caramel, bread. Front taste of light malt, herbal hops, slight sweet veggie on the back end. Aftertaste is creamed corn, mild bitter, yeast on the sustain. Medium body. Mouthfeel is cool, creamy, silky, slightly thick, sticky on the front of the tongue.

This is an enjoyable old world beer that has some unexpected macro brew traits. While the head and body are on point with a silky nitro mouthfeel, the aroma and aftertaste bring to mind corn adjunct lagers. To be clear, this is certainly not a cheap adjunct brew, but it has flavors that bring them to mind.

I really wanted to *love* this beer because I have a deep love for old world classics as well as modern craft beers. Sadly, the cheap pedestrian components defy its heritage. The overall taste is pleasant with light malt and a background bitter, but is interrupted by an aftertaste that approaches canned corn. A lot of good and bad stuff here, with the good stuff tipping the scale. Barely.  Mildly recommended.

From the brewery:

"Based on a traditional Irish recipe from County Wexford that dates back to 1810, we use only the best ingredients to ensure that our Wexford Ale has a smooth mellow creaminess we believe you will enjoy... Following in an age-old tradition only the freshest, most natural ingredients are used to create the smooth mellow taste of our Wexford Ale."
[source: can]