CAO 'Gold' Robusto

CAO Gold Robusto cigar 1
CAO 'Gold' Robusto. 5x50. Excellent construction with straight lines, smoothed veins and leaf ends. Medium brown wrap. Cut and lit well. Medium draw pre-light, easy draw promptly after flame, becoming more of an effort only toward the band.

First half tastes of mild leaf, light wood, earthy notes. Creamy mouthfeel on the exhale. Second half adds dank herbal taste with a richer leaf expression. Mild overall taste while still standing at attention with its bright tobacco notes.

Ash was clean, light gray nearly white, with subtle striping. Ash held nearly two inches with ease. Even burn throughout with little work.

Sometimes you want a simple, well crafted mild cigar. This is a classic, well made mild smoke that's creamy, smooth, with an effortless draw and excellent burn from the start. You've likely had this perennial cigar before, but I recommend getting one today. It's a perfect 40-minute mid-day session. Well recommended.

From the company:

"Don’t be fooled by CAO Gold’s gorgeous, blonde Ecuadoran Connecticut seed wrapper—this cigar packs plenty of flavor. It has earned many devoted disciples, including some of the industry’s top publications, which have given it multiple 90 ratings and recognized CAO Gold as one of the best cigars in the world."

CAO Gold Robusto cigar 2

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