Samuel Adams 'Merry Maker' Gingerbread Stout

Samuel Adams Merry Maker Gingerbread Stout 1
Samuel Adams 'Merry Maker' Gingerbread Stout. 9% abv. Black in color. Finger of foamy mocha head. Good retention, scattered lacing. Nose of gingerbread, strong spice, cloves, wheat, ginger. Front taste of roasted malt, ginger, cloves, nutmeg, bread. Aftertaste of molasses, gingerbread cookies, nutmeg, cinnamon. Medium body. Mouthfeel is warm, botanical, thick.

This is a wonderful beer, a tall malty brew that certainly delivers on its initial promise. You get a great big gingerbread cookie in your face, from the aroma through to its underlying taste, with notes of spice and roasty sweet malt throughout. A truly unique winter beer, whether or not you actually like gingerbread. Grab a couple of bottles if you can find it. Highly recommended.

From the brewery:

“Lively and festive with a devilish streak. This rich dark brew entices with the aromas of the holidays, hinting at the merriment and spices within. The flavor of gingerbread comes alive beginning with the smooth sweetness and heartiness of dark roasted malts and a touch of wheat. But it’s the intensity and spices of cinnamon, clove, nutmeg and ginger that add a wicked kick to this jolly playful brew. At Samuel Adams, we love experimenting. This series of limited edition brews represents some of our favorite small batch creations.”
[source: bottle]

Samuel Adams Merry Maker Gingerbread Stout 2

Samuel Adams Merry Maker Gingerbread Stout 3