Tioga-Sequoia 'Smoke Chaser' Smoked Barley Wine

Tioga Sequoia Smoke Chaser Barley Wine 1
Tioga-Sequoia 'Smoke Chaser' Smoked Barley Wine. 12% abv. 100 IBU. Hazy Amber-orange color with sediment. Finger of foamy tan head. Good retention, excellent lace. Nose of smoked wood, stone fruit, sweet berry. Aroma of strong port emerges as temp approaches room. Front taste of smoked grain, bitter fruity hops, whisky notes, tall alcohol throughout. Aftertaste is bitter cherry, smoked wood. Full body. Mouthfeel is hot, astringent, carby.

This is an outstanding beer, a big bold barley wine with strong flavors of smoke, bitter fruit, port wine. Not a beer for the faint of heart, this 12% brew is one of those big guns that tastes like its tall abv. Very astringent, making the berry taste akin to whisky. Wood notes comes from the smoke factor, approaching a barrel aged taste. Very impressive. Highly recommended

From the brewery:

"Smoke Chaser comes from the name given to brave firefighters that defend California's forests from devestating wild fires. Our American cherry wood smoked barley wine is as big and courageous as its namesake. An intense malty complexity, combined with an American hop backbone, and a subtle cherry wood smoke finish makes this beer larger than life. With over 100 IBUs and at 12% abv, this beer is meant to be sipped and experienced. Enjoy with a fine cigar or share one with a friend."
[source: bottle]

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