Perdomo Reserve 'Champagne Noir' Maduro

Perdomo Reserve Champagne Noir Maduro 1
Perdomo Reserve 'Champagne Noir' Maduro Epicure. 6x54. Roasted brown wrap with dark spots. Good construction, straight, slightly pronounced veins. Cut well. Light took some work, still producing a minor uneven burn during the first third. Draw was easy pre- and post-flame.

First third is peppery out the gate, dank bitter herb, roasted leaf. Second third is earthy, fresh cut cedar, black coffee. Last third is continued strong pepper, cured dark wood, bitter nutty notes. Ash was well marbled, with light gray patches, holding strong to nearly three inches. Burn was slightly angled at first but even from the second third with minimal effort.

This was a very good cigar. It's well put together in terms of construction and appearance, with subdued flavors punctuated by fresh and bright tastes. The draw was a breeze throughout, and the burn was mostly accommodating.

All that being said, despite its appearance, name, and complex moments, it is firmly a mild cigar. Although it is the "noir" or dark edition of Perdomo's Champagne cigar, its best suited for beginner smokers or times where a fierce Maduro won't do. If you know this going in, you will surely enjoy this hour-long smoke. Well recommended. 

From the company:

"Take the top-selling Perdomo Champagne cigar, add a maduro-wrapped variety into the mix, and the results are spectacular. More than spectacular. The Perdomo Champagne Noir cigar utilizes a triple-fermented, Cuban-seed Nicaraguan maduro wrapper that's been aged for nearly 2 years - much of that time spent in Bourbon barrels. Inside is a rich and well-aged blend of Nicaraguan long-fillers. The result is a full-flavored, but very well-balanced smoke that's layered with notes of coffee, cocoa, sweet cedar, and earth. Medium to full-bodied and h​ighly enjoyable. Perdomo Reserve Champagne Noir received a well-deserved 91-rating noting: "Brownish-red in complexion this robusot offers plenty of roasted meat and rich woody flavors underscored by an earthy component with a slight anise finish."

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The Perdomo was actually my sister's cigar during this smoke break, but she allowed me to cut, light, and share this stogie for a review. Thanks sis!