Coronado Brewing 'Stupid Stout 2015' Imperial Stout

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Coronado Brewing 'Stupid Stout 2015' Imperial Stout. Crown Series. 9% abv. 42 IBU. Black in color with a finger of thick rich mocha head. Excellent retention and lace. Nose of coffee, dark chocolate, earth. Front taste of bittersweet chocolate, dark fruit, vanilla on the back. Aftertaste of cocoa powder, bitter plum, raisins, dank earthy hops on the sustain, with a dry finish. Medium-full body. Mouthfeel is hot, creamy, sticky, silky.

This is an outstanding imperial stout that sits firmly and shiny in its category. The aroma promises chocolate and coffee, delivering with deep rich flavors all the way through. Ribbons of bitter fruit and vanilla sit under each sip, helping to create a round taste and feel that can only improve with age if you choose to sit on a bottle. Wonderful brew. Highly recommended.

From the brewery:

"This deep, dark, viscous brew stands up to other imperial stouts as well as the test of time, delivering defined, robust, chocolaty notes with a hint of hop freshness. As this beer ages, those big flavors mellow, leaving behind a smooth, balanced sipper. It's the perfect beer to warm up with as winter cold sets in, or as part of a vertical tasting session many years from now."
[source: bottle]

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  1. Is another from your Maine trip. Having a charge out associated with Ale, while taking in the astounding lager. Great Flavor not to mention test.