Rinkuskiai 'Hell on High' Belgian-Style Quad Bock

Rinkuskiai Hell on High Belgian Quad 1
Rinkuskiai 'Hell on High' Belgian-Style Quad Bock. 14% abv. Hazy yellow-gold color. Collar of bubbly white head. Poor retention, moderate lace. Nose of sweet malt, light fruit, slight orange-citrus. Front taste of amber malt, toffee, sweet citrus. Aftertaste is alcohol, light brown sugar, fruity hop sustain. Medium body. Mouthfeel is hot, astringent, somewhat thick, sweet back end.

This is a good beer that falls below its potential, slightly out of category. It's thin for a quad, and its taste is not as malty as one would expect. The aroma of sweet fruit and malt is barely present, and the flavor profile not nearly as complex as I would have liked.

It's an enjoyable beer that lands below lofty expectations. I suggest trying it, so long as you know what you're getting into. It tastes like Firestone Helldorado without the round body and ""wood notes from barrel aging. Take that as you will. Mildly recommended.

From the brewery:

"Euro Super High Alcohol Lager. Orange-gold. Smell is of rich full caramel malt and well straw. Smooth and well ballanced, with just enough malt and hops to add a fruity taste. Alcohol flavor is not prevalent despite 14% ABV, almost is not noticable until you’re through. Really good with BQ pork or pulled pork."

"Brewers family takes the old brewing traditions - beer brewed only in pure water, barley malt and hops. Beer boiled water is extracted from the territory RINKUŠKIAI installed 150 meters deep borehole. It is prepared in modern water filters. Beer brewing using only a light barley and caramel malt or barley malts several combinations. Aromatic and bitter hops transport from hops is a famous German Hallertau region. The bitter and aromatic hops gives the beer a unique combination of taste and aroma. Beer is fermented in modern tanks, using special lower or upper fermentation yeast. We do not recognize the technology to artificially speed up the fermentation process or after the maturing beer diluted with water ("high gravity" method), enabling better returns. The beer does not make any additives, preservatives or colorings. Do not use in the production of beer peas, corn, rice or other unmalted raw materials.  As a loyal Biržų edge of brewing tradition, we make no concessions to the quality of the beer."
[source: rinkuskiai.lt]

Rinkuskiai Hell on High Belgian Quad 2

Rinkuskiai Hell on High Belgian Quad 3

Rinkuskiai Hell on High Belgian Quad 4

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