Bloodline O.P.A. Vestige Maduro

Bloodline OPA Maduro cigar 1
Bloodline O.P.A. Vestige Maduro. 6x54. Dark brown wrap with darker shades. Nice box construction with sharp lines and mostly smooth surface. Cut and lit well. Medium draw pre-light, easier draw immediately post-light. 

First third tastes of bright pepper, rich sweated leaf, round herbal spice on the exhale. Second third is leather, hard wood, black pepper. Heading into the third, the taste is much more smooth, round, with plenty of toasted wood notes and herbal spice. Rich roasty leaf taste underneath throughout.

Ash is marbled well, mostly clean, light gray with thin darker striping. Ash holds just over an inch before each drop. Burn was slightly uneven in the first third but was corrected with little maintenance was on my part.

This is an excellent cigar with only minor flaws. Full bodied taste overall, big smoke, spice profile mellows nicely toward the band. However, the burn and narrowing draw keep this stick from being a perfect 45-minute session, which is unfortunate considering the premium price. Still, it's worthy of your time if you can find one. Recommended.

From the company:

"Impossibly smooth? A cigar made with Haban Rosado wrapper and 75% ligers-leaf filler… all from the richest OPA-seed tobacco plants… cannot be smooth. But it is. Amazingly so. Impossibly so. It’s all due to our Soft Crush Fermentation process. During fermentation, as bundles of tobacco age, we apply weight to add pressure (a ‘soft crush’). This increases the temperature and duration of the natural heat of fermentation. Oils are drawn to the surface, sweating out the bitterness of the lager leaf while allowing the floral flavors to blossom. The resume is pleasure with every puff - a truly bold and complex flavor with a surprising absence of peppery bite. it is because it shouldn’t work that has never been tried. And it is precisely why Bloodline OPA is truly different."
[source: bloodline]

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