Felipe Gregorio 'Fusion' Robusto

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Felipe Gregorio 'Fusion' Robusto. 5x52. Nice construction with straight lines, a few bumps in the wrap, but with smoothed veins. Dark roasted wrap, some streaks of darker shades. Cut well. Lighting took a minute of roasting. Medium draw pre-light, easy draw almost immediately after and throughout. Aroma of cedar, mild pepper. First half tastes of cured wood, coffee, earthy, with sharp spice aftertaste. Second half is more of the initial tastes, rounder, plus leather, raw almond.

Ash is clean with perfect marbling striped across, holding and promptly dropping at an inch. Burn was uneven at flame but quickly corrected itself and was nicely even from then on.

This is an excellent cigar, one that delivers more than expected. The build is spot on, as is the effortless draw and nearly perfect burn. The flavors are ever-present and distinct, each shining and each never losing punch. The flavors of cedar and coffee become more mellow toward the band, but is joined by leather and nutty flavors. This particular cigar is likely a 2009 or 2010, as the company has since branded if as the ReFusion; same stick but with different packaging. If so, this cigar has aged well. It encourages me to try on of its younger successors. Highly recommended.

From the company:

"Dressed in a silky, golden-brown Habano wrapper, each Felipe Gregorio Fusion combines a well-aged recipe of superior long-fillers grown throughout Nicaragua. After an extensive post-roll, cedar-aging process, each Fusion burns slow and cool to present a flavorful, medium-bodied experience layered by cedar, nuts, pepper, and earth. Each of these flavors intensify during the burn, coming to a full-flavored crescendo toward the nub without increasing in strength one bit. A balanced treat that satisfies every time, that's Felipe Gregorio Fusion.... In 1995 we came out with a single batch limited cigar called Fusion (Fifty Best Cigars of the World). All the tobaccos for this cigar were aged over 3 years together in cedar trunks, 'Fusing' the blend. 15 years later we are bringing out the same cigar. Over the years we have had a lot of demand for this cigar, but did not have the right tobaccos until 4 years ago. Finally a reality, Refusion. Full bodied, full of complexities an engaging one of a kind smoke."
[source: fgcigars.com]

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