CAO 'Pilón' Robusto Extra

CAO Pilon Robusto cigar 1
CAO 'Pilón' Robusto Extra. 5x52. Superb construction, with straight lines, smooth surface, nearly invisible seams, a couple of subdued veins. Dark brown wrap with deeper shades marbled across. Cut perfectly. Lit very well, evenly, quickly. Medium draw pre-light, slightly easier from the first third.

First half tastes of fresh leaf, bright spice, sweet herbal, light wood. Second half taste is rich tobacco, oak, coriander on the exhale. Aroma is roasty, dark wood. Ash is very clean, light gray and smooth, dropping promptly at an inch. Burn was even throughout with no maintenance on my part. Perfection.

This is an outstanding cigar, with a rich creamy taste from first light, sweet herbal spice, plenty of wood notes and a tall, fresh leaf presence. It is expertly crafted, from filler to wrap, with every moment precisely executed. Wonderful. Strongly recommended.

From the company:

"Old-World Cuban Method. New-World of Flavor. CAO Classics are just that, classic. So when we set out to craft a new cigar for the Classic Series, we went straight to a fermentation technique that helped to build the mystique of old-world Cuban cigars, the round pilon. What’s a round pilon? We’re glad you asked. Sit back, lend an ear and let us tell you the story. The scene was the tobacco barns of late 1800s Cuba. Skilled men called piloneros were masters of a slow, 18-month long fermentation technique using round pilons. This method involved hemming tobacco leaves together and stacking them, layer by layer, in a circular pattern. While building and tending to the round pilon took as much patience as it did skill, this method of natural fermentation maximized the flavor and color of the leaves. Of course, it was of little concern that this methodical process was costly and time-consuming. Back then, the only bottom line that mattered was the flavor. And the tobacco didn’t lie. But time marched on, less costly fermentation methods were explored and the standard rectangular pilon was born. With CAO Pilon, we’re bringing back the round pilon from old-world Cuba. And along with it, the richer, more complex taste that’s unattainable through other methods. Crafted with an Ecuadoran Habano wrapper and Nicaraguan binder and filler, Pilon features a deep, rich color and an incredible depth of flavor with notes of wood, spice and a touch of sweetness. To top it off, the band features the signature of our Master Blender, Rick Rodriguez, along with an illustrated homage to the round pilon."

"CAO is known for their laundry list of 90+ rated blends and for being one of the most innovative brands in the industry. From their breakthrough classic CAO Black, to the shape of the CAO Flathead, to their use of unique leaves in CAO OSA Sol, CAO has never been afraid to push the envelope. Now with their new release, CAO Pilon, they are resurrecting a seldom used and costly fermentation method, the circular pilon. A standard tobacco pilon is basically a pile of tobacco ‘hands,’ which are 10-15 tobacco leaves tied together, that are allowed to heat up and ferment. With a circular pilon the hands are carefully layered in a circular pattern, with the payoff being that the tobacco ferments at a slower rate which enhances the flavor. CAO Pilon comes dressed in a dazzling Ecuador Habano wrapper, encasing the binder and long-fillers from Nicaragua. This cigar is medium-bodied and packs flavor in droves with delicious notes of spice, cedar, pepper, nuts, and cocoa. CAO Pilon is a rich and hearty blend that continues CAO’s string of hits."

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