BJ's Brewhouse 'PM' Porter

BJs Brewhouse PM Porter 1
BJ's Brewhouse 'PM' Porter. 6.4% abv. 25 IBU. Black in color. Thick dense tan head from a nitro tap. Outstanding retention and superb lace. Nose of roasted grain. Front taste of chocolate, milk, with a mild green/leafy overtone. Aftertaste of grain, molasses, botanical. Medium-full body. Mouthfeel is creamy, milky, somewhat thick.

This is a good porter with a couple of flaws. The beer tastes young. Another week in the fermenter may have been needed. There is a taste of faint greens/botanical throughout, along with the taste of grain rather than malt. However, the chocolate flavor and notes of molasses helps the medicine go down.  Overall, I enjoyed this beer, but I will try it again in hopes of having a fully developed brew. Mildly recommended.

As of this writing, the only way to try BJ's beers is at one of their brewpubs. The bartender confidently described this beer as smokey with hop notes in the aftertaste, neither of which I tasted. Perhaps that is how this beer normally tastes?

I've been to several BJ's, including their first location back during their humble beginning. Each brewpub is beautifully designed and features great food. Their beer is usually worth the trip. Usually.

From the brewery:

"This award-winning dark ale is surprisingly smooth and drinkable. Caramel, molasses and chocolate flavors fill the palate. Its sweet start is perfectly balanced by a roasted dry finish. Nitrogen-conditioned."

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