Sudwerk Brewing 'Märzen Amber' Lager

Sudwerk Marzen Amber Lager 1
Sudwerk Brewing 'Märzen Amber' Lager. 5.7% abv. 22 IBU. Deep Amber cool. Thin ivory head off the tap. Moderate retention, no lacing. Nose is malty, herbal. Front taste of caramel, slightly sweet malt, grain. Aftertaste is earthy, dank herbal, faint grassy sustain. Medium body. Mouthfeel is warm, thick, bubbly, faint sweet finish.

This is a good beer, adequate for its category. The malt taste is a touch sweet but mostly earthy, almost botanical, with an aftertaste of herbal and grassy notes. On its own, this is an enjoyable beer. However, it fails to stand tall next to other brews in this category. Mildly recommended.

From the brewery:

"Choice hops and five different specialty malts are combined to produce this rich, amber and copper-toned lager. Sweeter in flavor than Sudwerk’s other core offerings, the Märzen has a full robust character with a smooth, zen-like finish."

Sudwerk Marzen Amber Lager 2

Sudwerk Marzen Amber Lager 3