Samuel Adams 'Rebel Rider' Session IPA

Samuel Adams Rebel Rider IPA 1
Samuel Adams 'Rebel Rider' Session IPA. 4.5% abv. 45 IBU. Pale straw color. Finger of bubbly white head. Good retention, fair lace. Nose of clean citrus, faint sweet floral, faint pine. Front taste of citrus peel, herbal hops. Aftertaste of mild bitter herbal hops, grapefruit, pine notes on the sustain. Light body. Mouthfeel is cool, bubbly, dry finish.

This is a good session beer, the lightest of the "Rebel" series. It's meant for refreshment, for easy drinking. Despite what the marketing may suggest, it wasn't meant to be loaded with rich flavors. Not all beers are. If you know this going in, you can enjoy this light brew.  I enjoyed mine well enough at a family barbecue. However, even within this context, there are far better choices out there. Mildly recommended.

From the brewery:

"Bursting with bright citrus and tropical fruit notes of apricot and tangerine, with hints of pine and a slight resinous character, this brew brings a lighter-bodied sibling to our Rebel family of IPAs. This IPA finishes with just enough subtle bitterness to bring you back for another sip."

Samuel Adams Rebel Rider IPA 2

Samuel Adams Rebel Rider IPA 3

Samuel Adams Rebel Rider IPA 4