Rocky Patel 'Edge Maduro B52' Gordo

Rocky Patel Edge Maduro B52 cigar 1
Rocky Patel 'Edge Maduro B52' Gordo. 4.5x60. Good construction with mostly straight lines, subdued veins. Dark brown with charred spots. Wrap is heavily sweated and nicely oily. Cut well. Lighting took a couple of minutes of gentle roasting. Medium draw pre- and post-flame, becoming a touch easier mid way down.

First half tastes of black pepper, cocoa powder, cedar. The tobacco flavor is roasty, bitter on the back end. Second half tastes of leather, sweet woodsy spice, herbal notes, dark fruit. The tastes becomes creamy going down the stick, and the spice profile becomes more pronounced.

Burn was quite uneven at first, but was corrected by the second third. Ash was marbled with light and dark gray patches, not as clean as I prefer.  

This is an excellent cigar, but one not meant for beginners. It is aggressive on all fronts, including its taste, mouthfeel, length of smoke, immense draw, and sweaty charred maduro wrap. If you like bold cigars with strong tobacco and spice flavor, you will surely love this big cigar. Highly recommended.

Full Disclosure: I smoked this cigar with goblets of barleywine on a mostly empty stomach. This is a rookie move, particularly for someone that has been enjoying cigars and beer for decades. The evening did not end well for me, to put it mildly. Learn from my mistake! Have a fine full meal before lighting up the B52. You can thank me later.

From the company:

"Edge Maduro. The Edge remains the hottest and bestselling cigar in the country. Wonder why? Consistency! Consistency! Consistency! Rich flavor, complexity and value make this one of the greatest selling brands ever. Full-bodied and full-flavored is an understatement."

"According to the man himself, Rocky Patel Edge B52s were made to accommodate the man who wants that big taste but doesn’t have a whole lot of time. They’re short (4 ½ inches) and stout, but no less flavorful and intense than their full-height counterparts. It’s the Edge experience you know and love...miniaturized. Rocky Patel Edge B52s come with your choice of wrapper leaf: a dark, oily maduro or an ultra-robust Corojo. In both cases, the double binder duo hails from Nicaragua and Honduras, and the filler is top secret. One thing Rocky did reveal is that the filler mix includes a dose of Panama ligero, and the overall character is medium to full in body. Flavorful, impactful, and easily enjoyed in a hurry, this is just what you need for those harsh winter months ahead."

Rocky Patel Edge Maduro B52 cigar 2

Rocky Patel Edge Maduro B52 cigar 3