J.Fuego 'Corojo Oscuro' Robusto

J.Fuego Corojo Oscuro cigar 1
J.Fuego 'Corojo Oscuro' Robusto. 5x50. Dark brown wrap. Nice build with mostly smooth lines and long subdued veins that run the entire cigar. Cut and lit well. Easy-medium draw pre- and post-flame. First half tastes of roasted tobacco, sweated almost like a Maduro, along with strong herbal notes, spice on the exhale.

Second half is still strong and roasty but mellowed a bit, with the back-end spice emerging earlier with each puff. It's a nice dark woodsy spice that goes well with the cured leaf, pairing equally with it. Nice even burn throughout. Ash is clean with nice marbling of darker shade striping, falling promptly at an inch.

This is an excellent oscuro cigar, particularly for such an enticing price point. The craftsmanship is surely there, both in the construction and the unfolding of the flavors. The draw is quite effortless in the second half, and the burn is perfect from start to finish. Wonderful, full-bodied smoke. Highly recommended.

From the company:

"Equipped with a degree in agronomy and over 130 years of family tobacco history, Jesus Fuego is no doubt one of the most knowledge people in the cigar industry. So learned in fact, that Rocky Patel entrusted him with the original production of his heralded Vintage Series. Now manufacturing his own labels, and still operating out of a boutique factory in Nicaragua, J. Fuego continues to meticulously craft some of Central America’s finest cigars. Buckle in, and prepare thyself for a high-octane handmade courtesy of J. Fuego. Under the hood of this full flavored, full-bodied creation awaits a rich array of Nicaraguan long-fillers, which comes dressed in an tantalizingly dark and perfectly fermented Habano Ecuador Oscuro wrapper. A feisty combination indeed, the new Corojo Oscuro erupts with strong notes of spice, oak, earth and slightly sweet undertones before a toasty tobacco core completes the ensemble. This hearty handmade should be savored....slowly."
[source: cigarsinternational.com]

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