Full Sail '25' Pale Doppelbock

Full Sail 25 Pale Doppelbock 1
Full Sail Brewing '25' Pale Doppelbock Lager. 9% abv. 70 IBU. Hazy orange color. Half-finger of tan head. Excellent retention and lace. Nose of malt, sweet citrus. Front taste of bittersweet malt, light fruit, round citrus. Aftertaste of sweet orange, mild bitter fruity hops, bitter earthy sustain. Medium body. Mouthfeel is warm, small-bead carb, tangy back end.

This is a fine beer that crosses category lines. "Pale" and "Doppelbock" seem contradictory, but it works here, with flavors of sweet mellow citrus over a solid malt backbone. Wonderful. Highly recommended.

From the brewery:

"Brewed to celebrate our 25th Anniversary, '25' is a complex, luxurious beer brewed with Vienna Malt and Saaz hops, extended lagering produces full bodied flavors of caramel and honey with a hoppy backbone of white pepper and lemon spice. A beer made for celebration, Full Sail 25 is an elegant Northwest Style Pale Doppelbock."
[source: fullsailbrewing.com]

"So here we are 25 years later. Very humbled, grateful, and amazed that we got here in one piece. Still a mix of beer geeks and boardheads. Still independent. Still trying to find that perfect balance between art and commerce, work and play, inspiration and perspiration. Thanks for supporting us for all these years. And next time you’re in Hood River, stop by for a beer."
[source: bottle]

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