Sandude Brewing 'Woody Brown' American Brown Ale

Sandude Woody Brown Ale 1
Sandude Brewing 'Woody Brown' American Brown Ale. 5.5% abv. Dark brown color. Finger of white small-bead head. Good retention, nice lace. Nose of caramel, chocolate, vanilla notes. Front taste of roasted malt, chocolate, notes of espresso. Aftertaste is earthy, mild herbal hops, cocoa powder. Medium body. Mouthfeel is warm, creamy, carby.

This is an excellent brown ale. With plenty of caramelly malty taste, chocolate and coffee notes, this American Brown delivers more flavor than most in its category. Wonderful. Highly recommended.

Sandude Brewing is a relatively new brewery based in the little town of Turlock, CA, also home to Dust Bowl, another excellent brewery. The town leaders are reportedly looking to turn their old small town into a craft beer mecca. With Sandude creating beers like this, I think they're well on their way.

From the brewery:

"Since 2009, Sandude Brewing Co. has been dedicated to the great taste of fine ales and lagers. We're a family owned business with a passion to brew. Using the traditions of beermasters in the past, John Freitas has poured his way into the hearts and mouths of everyone that's tasted a cold Sandude. Our brewing consists of the four basic ingredients in a well crafted beer: malted grain, hops, yeast, and water. We spend extra amounts of attention on time and temperature in order to craft our signature flavors. From the small batches brewed at home with friends to now producing bottled versions of our popular run's, Sandude Brewing Co. is being seen in bars, restaurants, and stores all over. Be sure to ask your local bartender or retailer to start carrying us if they don't yet, we wouldn't want you to go thirsty!"

"Sandude Brewing Co. was created from the passion of brewing fine ales and lagers and for the love of California's coastal beaches. Decades enjoying craft beer and views of the sand and surf are reflected in each of our brews and labels. Combining life's simple pleasures together is our mission. Woody Brown - caramel and chocolate notes, with a smooth center and a malty finish."
[source: bottle]

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