Mad Duck Brewing 'Pub Ale'

Mad Duck Pub Ale 1
Mad Duck Brewing 'Pub Ale'. 5.2% abv. 41 IBU. Hazy honey color. Thin white head. Excellent retention, superb lace. Nose of herbal hops, light caramel malt, light fruit notes, toffee notes as the temp drops. Front taste of caramel, mild bitter earthy hops, grain. Aftertaste of light roasted malt, distant herbal hops, earthy bitter sustain. Medium body. Mouthfeel is carby, warm, dank.

This is an excellent ale, a simple beer that hits its marks well, though it may have been kegged a touch too early. The aroma features herbal hops up front, a contrast to its malt forward taste, but with notes of fresh grain rather than malt. The subdued hop profile, particularly in the aftertaste, also suggests a beer that was packaged before its time. Still, this was an enjoyable brew, young as it may be. Recommended.

I had Mad Duck's pub ale, as well as their IPA, at the grand opening of their sterling new brewpub, so it very well may be the case that their beers were rushed into the kegs to meet their big opening. Knowing this, I will surely return to try this beer again once their operation is has been running a while and their beer production has its kinks ironed out. I have a feeling their house beers will be improved over my first visit.

From the brewery:

"One of our early favorites. Toasted crystal malts make this beer a rich copper/amber hue. Toffee and caramel flavor along with apricot and peaches make the Pub Ale rich and rounded."
[source: brewpub menu]

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