Full Sail ‘ESB’ Extra Special Bitter Ale

Full Sail ESB Extra Special Bitter Ale 1
Full Sail Brewing 'ESB' Extra Special Bitter Ale. 6.5% abv. 35 IBU. Deep copper color. Thin tan bubbly head. Good retention, excellent lacing. Nose of caramel, malt, herbal. Front taste of caramel, ample earthy hops, biscuit. Aftertaste of bitter herbal hops, bitter fruit, light malt sustain. Medium body. Mouthfeel is warm, sharp, dry.

This is a good ESB brew. The hops are present throughout, joined by light caramel malty flavors. Faint fruit notes and a dry finish round out this pleasant beer. Compared to other ESB's, this beer is merely adequate. On its own, outside of category, it's a nice hoppy, somewhat malty beer worth your time. Recommended.

This beer is quite limited, offered for only 90 days each year. If you're a fan of ESB's, grab one while you can.

From the brewery:

"A medium bodied ale with caramel complexity and a crisp finish. Available for 90 days only - April to June. The telltale signs of Spring arrive in the Gorge as mountain bikers begin to replace snowboarders and the snow melt feeds the rivers as white water rafters and kayakers anticipate the first runs of the year. Flowers cover the mountain meadows and blooms fill the orchards in the valley. Our pub staff knows that our ESB will be just the right beer to welcome Spring in the Gorge. This three time gold medal winner is a traditional ale brewed with attention to balance, highlighting both malt and hops. A combination of crystal malts give this beer its orange hue, and caramel complexities. UK and US Challenger hops were used exclusively throughout. Aromas of dry caramel and herbs are followed by a malty, medium bodied palate finishing with caramel flavors and a crisp bitterness."
[source: fullsailbrewing.com]

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