Saint Archer Double IPA

Saint Archer Double IPA 1
Saint Archer Brewing Double IPA. 8.3% abv. 90 IBU. Copper-golden color. Thick foamy head. Excellent retention and lace. Nose of ample floral hops, sweet malt, honey, herbal spice. Front taste of toasty malt, light fruit, light caramel, bittersweet citrus rind. Aftertaste is grapefruit peel, herbal hops, earthy notes, alcohol sustain. Medium body. Mouthfeel is hot, astringent, creamy on the back end.

This is an excellent DIPA. It's well constructed and true to its category, with a flavor profile of malt, fruit, and a variety of hops. This all adds up to a bittersweet malty hoppy rich brew. Very good stuff. There are better beers in this category, but not many. Seek this out. Well recommended.

From the brewery:

"This beer encompasses everything we love about Double India Pale Ales. HOPS. We used a simple two-row base malt as a vehicle to bring a burst of hops to your palate. A healthy dose of Chinook, Simcoe, and Citra is the reason we love brewing this beer."

Saint Archer Double IPA 2

Saint Archer Double IPA 3

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