New World 'Gobernador' Toro

New World Gobernador Toro cigar 1
New World 'Gobernador' Toro. 6.5x55. Nice box build. Medium-dark wrap with razor straight lines, smooth surface, a couple of pronounced veins. Cut and lit well. Easy-medium draw before and after flame. First third tastes of pepper, cocoa powder, dark roasted coffee beans on the exhale. Second half has notes of dark wood, earthy spice, ground espresso. Near the band, the taste becomes roasty, black coffee, dark leaf. Even burn throughout. Ash holds two inches easily and is marbled well with medium and dark grays striped across.

This is an excellent cigar. Its construction is excellent. Its perfectly cured wrap is filled with a complex blend that imparts a myriad of flavors across the stick. Strong pepper-spice gives way to a slightly more mellow earthy, woodsy taste. Wonderful. Another AJ Fernandez triumph. Highly recommended.

From the company:

"The New World is a true work of art blended with the finest tobaccos found in the four main tobacco regions of Nicaragua.  Hand selected wrapper and fillers from Esteli, Ometepe, Condega and Jalapa are showcased in a beautiful medium to full-bodied box pressed cigar.  Notes of coffee, pepper, wood, and chocolate enthrall and entertain the palate.  Embark on the Journey."

"After a 17 year career with the Plasencia family, Ismael Fernandez has come out of retirement to join his son, the very well-known AJ Fernandez. Their first collaboration together, called New World, is a nod to the discovery of tobacco by Christopher Columbus and its introduction to the rest of the world in 1492. Draped in a bold, dark Nicaraguan wrapper and jam-packed with powerful ligeros from Esteli and Condega balanced by the uniqueness of Ometepe tobacco, this rich, medium to full-bodied blend offers an elegant, refined profile. Notes of earth, espresso, and a dense array of sweet and spicy notes characterize its smooth, complex profile. As it burns, the strength and flavors intensify perfectly before an exciting finale. There’s something really special with this one, and knowing how near and dear to AJ this blend is, they planned it that way all along."

New World Gobernador Toro cigar 2

New World Gobernador Toro cigar 3

New World Gobernador Toro cigar 4