Lengthwise Brewing 'Zeus' Imperial IPA

Lengthwise Zeus Imperial IPA 1
Lengthwise Brewing 'Zeus' Imperial IPA. 9.5% abv. 90 IBU. Unfiltered. Hazy orange-amber color. Two fingers of thick, creamy white head. Outstanding retention and superb lace. Nose of bright citrus, orange, sweet light fruit. Front taste of bittersweet fruity hops, sweet malt, light caramel, grapefruit rind on the back. Aftertaste of orange candy, warm sugar, bitter citrus peel. Medium-full body. Mouthfeel is warm, thick, sticky, chewy.

This is an excellent Imperial IPA. The malt taste is light but balanced well with the bright fruit flavors and hops. The citrus taste ranges from a sweet orange up front to a straight grapefruit on the back of the palate. This brewery just started bottling their wares, and I look forward to trying the rest of the collection. Highly recommended.

From the brewery:

"Mainly 2-row barley with a touch of 40L crystal malt. Zeus hops in the kettle and intense dry hopping with Citra hops in both the fermenter and bright beer tank imparts citrus and tropical fruit overtones."

Lengthwise Zeus Imperial IPA 2

Lengthwise Zeus Imperial IPA 3

Lengthwise Zeus Imperial IPA 4