Carlos Toraño 'Noventa Santiago' Robusto

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Carlos Toraño 'Noventa Santiago' Robusto. 5x50. Nice construction with mostly straight lines, smooth wrap, subdued veins. Medium brown wrap with faint dark shades. Excellent cut and light. Medium draw pre-light, a little easier down the burn.

First half tastes of cured leaf, herbal spice, bitter nutty back end. Second half tastes roasty, hard wood, raw almond. Medium body. Aroma is dark, botanical notes. Mostly even burn throughout. Ash is clean with some dark spots, holding at over an inch.

This is a nice cigar, well crafted with a mild to medium taste that is fairly consistent once past the foot. There's a nutty taste throughout that has a slight spice at the front and a mild bitter toward the end. The cigar as a whole is rich and herbal, with a smooth draw that follows to the band. Very good stuff. Well recommended.

From the company:

"Toraño…the name has been synonymous with premium cigars for just about a century. Charlie Torano, the man at the helm of this steamboat of delicious handmade goodness, is a fourth generation in the tobacco industry who has inherited a passion for the leaf, and lucky for us, he retains the knowledge and wisdom of his four fathers. At hand today, the culmination of years of tireless study in the fields, and hours of meticulous blending strategies. Enter, Toraño Noventa. The Noventa was carefully crafted to celebrate the Torano family’s 90 years of tobacco growing and cigar-making. A Nicaraguan puro, the Noventa is expertly blended using a vintage mixture of premium, 5-year-old Nicaraguan long-leaf tobaccos from four growing regions, wrapped in a thick and oily Habano Nicaraguan leaf. Aged further after rolling, the Noventa achieves a rich and robust smoking experience that’s smooth and perfectly balanced. A luxurious medium-bodied super-premium from the Toraño family."

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