5 Vegas 'Gold' Robusto

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5 Vegas 'Gold' Robusto. 5x50. Nice build with straight lines, subdued veins, just a few bumps. Light brown wrap. Cut and lit well. Effortless draw pre- and post-light. First half tastes of mild leaf, round spice, light wood. Second half is only slightly more aggressive with a deeper roast and taller spice presence. Medium body. Mostly even burn across the stick. Ash is evenly shaded and holds nearly two inches.

This is an excellent mild afternoon smoke. It's well crafted, from the wrap to the fill, the burn and draw, and is fairly consistent in flavor down to the band. There is a touch of spice, just enough to notice but not enough to stand out, which may or may not be your taste. This is not a unique or exceptional cigar, but it is well crafted and can suit any occasion. Its flavor and body are above the norm for mild smokes. I will surely have it again. Well recommended.

From the company:

"Enter the new era in mild-bodied cigars. 5 Vegas Gold Series breaks all barriers, proving a mild-bodied cigar can indeed teem with flavor. A luxurious blend of superior, 5-year-old tobaccos are skillfully combined inside seamless, hand-selected wrappers. Discover 5 Vegas Gold and be instantly charmed by its smooth, creamy, and eventful bouquet."
[source: 5vegas.com]

"Despite the pomp and circumstance surrounding full-bodied, powerhouse cigars these days, milder cigars still rule. Without a doubt, the uber-popular 5 Vegas Gold is the perfect example. This gorgeous creature is crafted with extensively aged tobaccos, including a beautiful, almost shimmering Ecuador Connecticut wrapper leaf with a rich satiny texture. This charming blend is the big easy. I’ll recite the reasons chapter and verse. Top quality tobaccos? Check. 5 year aged long-fillers? Check. Seamless wrappers? Check. Made in one of Honduras’ top factories? Check. Handsome packaging? Check. Toast the foot and take a draw. You’ll see some spirit up front: a slight nutty taste followed by some zesty peppery notes on the back of the palate. A feisty sucker! But instantly it mellows into a polished smoothness with ample creaminess. It stays utterly consistent from here on out, well-balanced with a sturdy creamy foundation, and booms out thick clouds of smoke. What a charmer! Mild to medium it is, not super-mild, but just shy of a middleweight. The fantastic “gold bar” style packaging and an astonishingly reasonable price point round it out. 5 Vegas Gold is a positively delightful blend."
[source: cigarsinternational.com]

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