Tioga-Sequoia 'Catacomb' Vanilla Saison

Tioga Sequoia Catacomb Vanilla Saison 1
Photo courtesy of Rob Martinez
Tioga-Sequoia 'Catacomb' Vanilla Saison. 5.9% abv. 28 IBU. Golden-honey color. Finger of bubbly white head. Good retention with excellent lacing. Nose of citrus peel, white bread, floral hops, vanilla back. Front taste of floral-bitter hops, grapefruit rind. Aftertaste of bitter herbal hops, strong citrus peel, faint vanilla bean on the sustain. Light body. Mouthfeel is bright, thin, dry.

This is an excellent brew. The floral hops are balanced well with the bitter citrus, touched by notes of vanilla, all in an easy-drinking, crisp body. For my taste, I would have liked a taller vanilla flavor up front. However, it is certainly there, on the back end of the both the aroma and the aftertaste. Vanilla is delivered, just not in spades. A small flaw in an otherwise superb beer. Highly recommended.

NOTE: Special thanks to Robert Martinez, Jr. for the lead photo, and Fabian Benitez for the end photo, both from the Central Valley Craft Beer Drinkers. (I had this fine brew on tap at Peeve's. Robert's and Fabian's photos provide the bottle.)

From the brewery:

"This year's Catacomb brew is a "vanilla saison". We use Madagascar bourbon vanilla beans along with toasted oak spirals to enhance this Belgian style ale. Amarillo hops are also used to marry all the flavors together and create a smooth, crisp balance of bitter and sweet. Catacomb Brew 2015 represents our third collaboration with the Central Valley's loudest day of the year. We're proud to support Catacomb Party and the hundreds of artists and entertainers who make this annual celebration possible. Down here we are all the same so spread the word and keep drinking local. Visit catacombparty.com for more info."
[source: bottle]

Tioga Sequoia Catacomb Vanilla Saison 2
I had enjoyed my Catacomb on tap at Peeve's Public House.

Tioga Sequoia Catacomb Vanilla Saison 3
Get this fine beer on tap if you can. Vibrant and fresh.

Tioga Sequoia Catacomb Vanilla Saison 4

Tioga Sequoia Catacomb Vanilla Saison 5
Photo courtesy of Fabian Benitez