Zino Crown Platinum

Zino Crown Platinum cigar 1
Zino Crown Platinum. 5x50. Nice construction with mostly smooth wrap and straight lines. Light brown wrap. Cut was a little rough, but the foot lit quite well. Effortless draw pre- and post-light. Taste on the first half was mild and creamy, simple tobacco profile with a slight woodsy spice taste on the back end. Second half extended the first, with a peppery aftertaste. Closer to the band, there was a pronounced bitterness that some may find off-putting. Burn was even throughout. Ash had even marbling, dropping promptly at an inch. 

This is a good cigar that doesn't quite live up to its reputation. Despite the marketing touting this cigar as big and bold, I found it was merely medium in body and mild in flavor. It may have been crafted in the same facility that makes Davidoff cigars and it may bear his first name ("Zino"), but this is no Davidoff smoke. Still, though it may not be a world-class cigar, it's a good one nonetheless, worth your time if you want something clean, simple, and mild. Recommended.

From the company:

"Elegance and strength unite perfectly with Zino Platinum Crown Series. Some of the most sophisticated and refined blends in the world hail from the famed Tabadom Factory in the Dominican Republic. This factory is notorious for producing the ever-popular Davidoff cigar brand in addition to Zino Platinum. Launched for the most affluent and high-demanding clientele, the Crown Series showcases stylish packaging and an exclusive, high-quality blend of the finest tobaccos from the Dominican Republic and Peru. Each Zino Platinum Crown Series is approved by an elite quality control supervisor and available in a handy platinum tube. This full-bodied blend is crafted from approximately 75 percent ligero filler tobaccos that have been matured and well-aged up to five years. Strong but exceptionally balanced, this unique blend expels an outstanding, rich taste and aroma. The careful combination of rare tobaccos guarantees perfect combustion, delivering a luxurious cigar for the seasoned aficionado."
[source: cigar.com]

Zino Crown Platinum cigar 2