Shipyard Brewing 'Old Thumper' Ale

Shipyard Old Thumper Ale 1
Shipyard Brewing 'Old Thumper' Extra Special Ale. 5.6% abv. 35 IBU. Dark amber color. Thin white head. Moderate retention, excellent lace. Nose of caramel, honey, sweet malt. Front taste of caramel, sweet bread. Aftertaste of mild earthy hops, sweet light malt, yeasty sustain. Thin body. Mouthfeel is warm, thin, slightly sticky.

This is a nice malty beer with an easy-drinking body. It feels thinner that it tastes, similar to a low shilling Scotch ale. I enjoyed the flavors of this brew, but I prefer more body with a high malt profile, and more retention would have been nice. These notes are personal preference. You may very well enjoy the combination of easy-drinking body with a malty backbone. Try a bottle. Recommended.

From the brewery:

"A Beast of a Beer. Old Thumper Extra Special Ale was created by veteran British brewer, Peter Austin, founder of Ringwood Brewery in Hampshire, England and mentor to Shipyard’s master brewer is a non-traditional English bitter, brewed in the US solely by Shipyard."

Shipyard Old Thumper Ale 2