Miller 'Fortune' Lager

Miller Fortune Lager 1
Miller 'Fortune' Lager. 6.9% abv. Gold-orange color. Half-finger of white head. Moderate retention, some lace. Nose is very faint malt, grain, corn. Front taste of malt, caramel, slightly sweet biscuit. Aftertaste of corn, heavy bread, caramel. Thin body. Mouthfeel is hot, carby. crisp end.

This is a macro lawnmower beer with relatively more kick and malt flavor than you'd expect, which may come from the ‘spirits’ blended in. This is Miller’s attempt at a bourbon-infused beer, a bridge between a light macro lager and a rich craft beer. I feel they’ve succeeded in this precise taste, for better or worse. I can certainly enjoy one at a party, but would not purchase it again. Against true bourbon-aged craft beers, it’s not even close. Still, it has more dark malt taste than most macros. Take that as you will.

From the brewery:

“Miller Fortune, developed to compete within spirits' occasions, was introduced to the market in February 2014. The jet black bottle is branded with the Miller script "M," a nod to Miller's time honored brewing tradition. Miller Fortune is undistilled at 6.9% ABV and crafted with caramel malts and cascade hops for a balanced taste and smooth finish. It's best served in a rocks glass.”

“Miller Fortune is a premium golden lager undistilled at 6.9% abv. It boasts a rich, malty aroma, a light body, and a crisp, clean finish, balanced, yet unexpectedly bold.”