Gurkha 'Prize Fighter' Robusto

Gurkha Prizefighter robusto cigar 1
Gurkha 'East India Prize Fighter' Robusto. 5x52. Nice build, straight lines. Light brown wrap with some darker shades and dark veins. Cut and lit well. Medium draw pre-light, eases up shortly after flame. First half tastes of mild tobacco, smooth, touch of pepper on the exhale. Second half has more punch with flavors of toasted oak and roasty leaf. Mostly even burn. Ash is clean with faintly darker stripes, holds an inch before an easy drop. Aroma is fresh herbal throughout.

This is an excellent little cigar, with a mild taste that offers more pronounced spice and wood notes just underneath. The draw and burn are good, and the aroma is fresh and bright. Gurkha is known for robust, aggressive high-end cigars, but over the past few years have been offering solid, medium-milder value smokes. This one is worthy of your time. Well recommended.

From the company:

"Prize Fighter is a mild to medium bodied cigar with a smooth and elegant flavor profile. The blend showcases a stunning Connecticut shade/Ecuadorian wrapper, that pairs perfectly with an Ecuadorian/Indonesian binder and a 3-year aged Dominican filler."

"Instead of swanky packaging and high MSRPs, this one cuts out all the fat for a lean, highly anticipated release. Inspired by historic boxing figures from the 1900's, Prize Fighter takes a refreshing all substance approach. In fact, you've probably heard stories of this era - when the men were men (and real men smoked cigars). Prize Fighter wins on so many levels....a picture perfect Connecticut-shade Ecuadorian wrapper, double binder combination of Ecuadorian and Indonesian leaves, and a 3 year aged blend of Dominican fillers. Never overpowering, this mild to medium-bodied cigar is easy to enjoy one after another. Light, crisp, and slightly creamy this is going catch on real quick like."

Gurkha Prizefighter robusto cigar 2