Full Circle Brewing 'DD' Doppelbock

Full Circle DD Doppelbock 1
Full Circle Brewing 'DD' Doppelbock. 8.4% abv. Amber-ruby color. Thin ivory head. Low retention, no lace. Nose of sweet malt, honey, faint cloves on the back end. Front taste of sweet malt, orange rind, bittersweet light fruit. Aftertaste of bitter citrus, brown sugar, light fruit. Medium body. Mouthfeel is hot, thick, sticky, alcoholic.

This is a fine Doppelbock. The taste is malty-fruity with notes of citrus from nose to bottom. The body is balanced well, with the astringent flavor rising to the edge. I would like more head presence but that is nitpicking for a high gravity brew like this. Very good stuff. Well recommended.

From the brewery:

"Our version of a doppelbock that is red in color with a sweet apricot front end and a smokey finish. big and hearty (he-he). Award winning, second place 'Sudz In The City' 2012."
[source: pub menu]

Full Circle DD Doppelbock 2
Low head retention and zero lace are the only flaws in this otherwise excellent doppelbock.