Foundry 'Chillin' Moose' Corona

Foundry Chillin Moose cigar 1
Foundry 'Chillin' Moose' Corona. 5.5x42. Medium brown wrap. Good build with smoothed veins and leaf ends. Cut and lit quite well. Medium draw pre-light, slightly easier draw down the burn. First half tastes of very mild leaf with a bright pepper back end. Aroma of toasted light wood. Second half offers a rounder tobacco taste with a subdued note of pepper. Burn is even across. Ash is clean, light gray, holds an inch and a half before the drop.

This is a well crafted cigar, medium bodied, with a taste that progresses nicely. The tobacco flavor heightens while the background spice-pepper mellows by the midpoint. Excellent little smoke break. Recommended.

From the company:

"Why a moose? And why is he chillin'? It’s because he knows a secret – you don't need an expensive cigar to have a good time. Available in three sizes, Chillin' Moose gives you more bang for your buck. So kick back, light up, and stop worrying about your wallet."

Foundry Chillin Moose cigar 2

Foundry Chillin Moose cigar 3

Foundry Chillin Moose cigar 4
I enjoyed this Chillin Moose corona al fresco on a lovely day in the Tower District.