Project 805 'Andullo Figurado' Torpedo

Ventura Project 805 Andullo cigar 1
Project 805 'Andullo Figurado' Torpedo. 6.25x52. Light brown wrap with some spots and darkened veins. Good build, mostly straight lines. Nice cut on the torpedo crown. Good light, quick roast. Medium draw pre- and post-flame. First half taste is smooth mild tobacco with cedar notes, herbal aromatic on the exhale. Second half is creamy, with a stronger cured wood flavor, light coffee, bright herb notes.

Aroma is more present in the second, herbal, slightly sweet. Even burn throughout. Ash was perfectly marbled light and medium gray layers, holding at a good two inches.

This is a very good, pleasant mild cigar. A creamy wrap, nice draw, cedar and herb notes that gradually rise moving toward the band, but never venturing into any harsh bitter tastes. Aroma is pleasant but not over the cliff like most aromatics. It doesn't stand tall against other similar sticks, but it is well crafted, consistent, and has a nice evolving taste. Well recommended.

From the company:

"Andullo, the exclusive tobacco in Project805, bound in a balanced blend of the finest Dominican leaf for an incredibly aromatic and complex smoke. Hand-finished boxes, each one unique, manufactured by a network of underground craftsmen. Project805 is the cigar they tried to keep from you, this is the disruption they tried to suppress, yet here it is, in your hands – you are now part of the disruption. You are part of the disruption, the first wave of underground trendsetters prepared to experience Project805's secret ingredient, Andullo. What is Andullo? Andullo is a unique tobacco never before used in cigars. Naturally flavored, aromatic, and so utterly different it is a disruption to the Industry. Expertly blended and hand-rolled at La Aurora under the supervision of Ventura Cigar Company."

Ventura Project 805 Andullo cigar 2

Ventura Project 805 Andullo cigar 3