Room 101 'The Big Payback' Chavala by Camacho

Room 101 Payback cigar 1
Room 101 'The Big Payback' Chavala by Camacho. 5x50. Medium brown wrap. Excellent build with straight lines and smooth surface, minimal veins. Cut was poor, with a crown that fell apart. Light was fine, took a minute. Medium draw pre-light. Smooth easy draw post-draw. First half taste of hard wood, walnut, strong spice. Second half is leather, woods, peppery, strong leaf. Ash is clean, evenly marbled, holding to two inches. Burn was mostly even down to the band.

This is an excellent cigars that was plagued by a poorly crafted crown. Considering the quality in the other components of this stick, I'm assuming it was a fluke. I'm keen on trying this cigar again, or another in its line, to be sure. The lasting impression saved it for me. Recommended.

From the company:

"Matt Booth, a jeweler by trade, created the Room 101 cigar brand to compliment his silver accessory line of the same name. More of a lifestyle than simply a brand, Room 101 quickly became popular with cigar smokers around the world. And as a thank you to his supporters, Matt Booth created this, The Big Payback cigar. In a word, this commemorative cigar is big – big in size, body, and flavor. As a Nicaraguan Puro, it is spicy, but balanced by a savory combination of bitter coffee, inviting wood, and smooth leather. Light up Room 101’s The Big Payback to discover a perfect draw and burn that you’ll enjoy straight through to the luxurious finish."

Room 101 Payback cigar 2

Room 101 Payback cigar 3
The cut was so poor that the binder was exposed an inch down from the crown. Fortunately, the draw was not compromised. I consider this defect a fluke.