Mendocino Brewing 'Anniversary Ale' Saison

Mendocino Anniversary Ale Saison 1
Mendocino Brewing 'Anniversary Ale' Saison. Belgian Style Spiced Ale. 7% abv. Hazy honey color with velvety white head. Excellent retention, good lace. Nose of sweet bread, mild citrus, flowers. Front taste of grapefruit rind, ginger, cloves, floral hop back. Aftertaste is light fruit, sweet spice notes, bitter citrus sustain, biscuit. Light body. Mouthfeel is warm, small-bead carb, foamy.

This is a very good beer, an nice example of a "French farmhouse ale" saison, or in this case, Belgian style. It has a more abundant bouquet of fruits and spices than most beers in this category, which tend to have such flavors fewer but more prominent. It's clear this beer is aiming for complexity rather than height, and it mostly achieves this. I would have like some of the flavors to shine through more, at least in the aftertaste, but it's still a beer worth having. Recommended.

From the brewery:

"This limited edition classic saison is an unfiltered bottle conditioned ale. It is brewed with star anise, coriander, ginger, and orange peel. Our saison is richly refreshing and artfully balanced with notes of spices and fruit."
[source: bottle]

Mendocino Anniversary Ale Saison 2