Los Statos Deluxe Robusto

Los Statos Deluxe Robusto 1
Los Statos Deluxe Robusto. 5x52. Good construction with straight lines, some prominent veins, sharp bumps from the filler. Medium brown wrap with a few dark spots. Moderate draw pre- and post-light. First half tastes of mild leaf coupled with bright bitter floral spice that nearly drives off the cliff. Second half has a milder tobacco taste with a subdued spice profile that comes across more earthy, woodsy. Burn is even throughout. Ash is mostly clean, marbled light and medium gray, holds two inches well.

This is a nice smoke with a spice bite on the first half that gradually falls to a relatively milder taste. The build is good, with a nice burn and decent ash. However, the sharp taste is of the first half is on the border and may be too much for some folks. Recommended, particularly if you like slightly aggressive peppery smokes.

From the company:

"Created in the famed La Gloria factory in 2012 and named for a popular pre-revolution Cuban brand, this long-filler blend of super-well-aged tobaccos is enclosed in a double dose of impressive golden brown Habano Connecticut leaf. This very well packed cigar is medium bodied in flavor and exhibits great balance with flavor notes of earth, cedar, and a dash of zesty spice on the palate. If you are looking for a solid everyday smoke that is very reasonable priced, and created at the same factory that produces some of the world’s most renowned brands, then try this cigar!"
[source: jrcigars.com]

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