Lagunitas Brewing 'Equinox' Pale Oat Ale

Lagunitas Equinox Oat Pale Ale 1
Lagunitas Brewing 'Equinox' Pale Oat Ale. 8% abv. Golden color with two+ fingers of thick foamy off-white head. Outstanding retention and superb lace that goes all the way down. Nose of herbal spice, oat grain, light sweet malt back. Front taste of herbal bitter hops, earthy grain, spicy, woodsy. Aftertaste is complex with herbal spice bouquet, bitter hop bite, pine notes, malt sweet sustain. Medium body. Mouthfeel is warm, creamy.

This is an excellent beer, my first oat pale but definitely not my last. The spice is notable yet balanced throughout, the oat is well used for a creamy, silky mouthfeel from first taste to last. The aftertaste shines with a tall, complex flavor. Highly recommended.

From the brewery:

"A creamy pale oat ale hopped up with a huge charge of Equinox and Simcoe hops for a piney, eucalyptusy, cedary, sprucey, foresty blast."

Lagunitas Equinox Oat Pale Ale 2

Lagunitas Equinox Oat Pale Ale 3
The serious lacing on this beer goes all the way down.