Estilo Cubano Matador

Estilo Cubano Matador cigar 1
Estilo Cubano Matador. 6.5x56. Dark brown charred wrap. Nice construction with a couple of long veins and dark spots. Adequate cut, good light. Easy draw pre- and post-light. First third taste of rich tobacco, roasted walnuts, earthy spice. Second third is toasty, woodsy, pepper. Near the band the flavor becomes heightened spice, mellowed leaf, faint cocoa. Full body.

Burn was even during the first half, but sadly it was severely one-sided from there, despite my maintenance efforts. Ash was marbled well with dark stripes throughout.

This is a decent value smoke from Ventura Cigar, makers of the PsyKo and Project 805 series, with a set of highs and lows. It has some lovely flavors mingling about but never comes to a bright focused point that leaves you impressed and wanting more. It had a smooth easy draw throughout, but the cut needs work and the burn was unacceptably uneven. Not a world-class cigar, nor a memorable flavor profile. It's a flawed but still enjoyable cigar for relaxing during a break, which may well be enough for you. Just be sure to watch that burn. Mildly recommended.

From the company:

"What of tradition? A dusty old man in a white hat, wearing a white suit, on a white horse walking through a field of tobacco - is that tradition? If it is, it's time to start a new tradition. Estilo Cubano rolls the flavor of Old Havana into a modern bravado for a taste that is rich yet medium-bodied and utterly new. This is not an old man's cigar with a new name; Estilo Cubano is a whole new take on the traditions of the past with a nod to its name-sake heritage. Dark Viso Habano wrapper surrounds selected Seco Habano and Ligero Habano Filler tobaccos from Honduras, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua. There is nothing else like it, from the Rabo de Cochino pigtail head to the robust Honduran character."


Estilo Cubano Matador cigar 2

Estilo Cubano Matador cigar 3
The burn was even at first, but became severely uneven at the midpoint, despite my efforts to maintain it. The almost perfect split down the middle suggests a flaw in the construction.