Don Tomás Cameroon Collection Perfecto

Don Tomás Cameroon cigar 1
Don Tomás Cameroon Collection Perfecto. 6x48. Nice build with straight lines. Torpedo crown with a Perfecto foot. Medium shade of brown with some dark veins. Good cut and light. Medium draw pre- and post-flame. First half tastes of rich creamy Cameroon, light wood, mild herbal spice notes. Second half has more pronounced earthy spice, toasted/charred wood, darker bitter toward the band. Strong clean ash that holds over an inch. Even burn throughout.

This is an excellent cigar, a solid example of a standard Cameroon. The mild nutty taste of the creamy wrap coupled with the slightly building spice profile make it a good go-to cigar from a reliable brand. Well recommended.

NOTE: Forgive the pics. They're not the result of any fancy filters. They're just bad photos.

From the company:

“Medium to full in body and perhaps best known for its complexity, Don Tomás Cameroon is a smoke with great panache. Its exotic blend of Dominican, Mexican, and Brazilian tobacco is balanced by a Dominican binder and punctuated by a brawny Cameroon wrapper to impart profound flavor that engages the palate from the first draw to the last.”

“Don Tomas Cameroon Cigars are currently available in seven shapes, of which four are perfectos. Perfecto cigars are really a work of art and are generally only rolled by the most skilled of cigar craftsman. All the tobaccos in this line of Don Tomás cigars have been aged for a minimum of three years. Their genuine sun-grown Cameroon wrappers are world renowned for the unique, rich, spicy flavor they provide. Combining these wrappers with well-aged tobaccos from the Dominican Republic, Brazil, and Mexico, result in a medium to full-bodied premium cigar worthy of world-class status.”

Don Tomás Cameroon cigar 2